School Leadership Programs


A person’s initial exposure to formal leadership responsibilities often occurs in their final school years; however, they are typically not exposed to leadership development programs until they assume senior roles in the workforce. An investment in their development at this juncture is crucial, as businesses understand the contribution a leader makes to building a high-performing team.

TeamFirst believes that the investment needs to happen during people’s impressionable school years, and our School Leadership Program has been designed to support students who hold leadership titles, such as school captains, sports captains, or house captains. It is also tailored for students who may not have been presented with leadership opportunities but stand to gain immensely from leadership development.

Applying principles and practices that focus on fostering an environment that enables individuals to thrive, the program emphasizes self awareness, positive team reinforcement, the importance of values, conflict resolution and a growth mindset as key elements in enhancing leadership effectiveness.

The program accelerates participants personal development, self-confidence, responsibility, respect for others, focus, engagement, determination, teamwork, gratitude, emotional control, resilience, and positivity. These attributes will serve as strengths they carry with them throughout their lives.

Participants will reflect on the school and the opportunity provided as a transformative workshop that shaped their lives.