Developing leaders & high-performance teams

Our Purpose

We are a leadership consultancy company dedicated to collaborating with people and organisations in the creation of high-performance leaders, teams and cultures.

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Our vision is to deliver high-quality programs that not only inspire but also elevate leaders and teams to maximise their ability. Participants will view our programs as transformative opportunities that have left an indelible mark on their lives.”

Core Values


We act with an unwavering commitment to our strong, moral principles and values


We welcome conversation, feedback, and opportunities to learn from and collaborate with others


We promise a consistently high-quality service, every time


We accept and treat everyone with genuine care and consideration


We will be true to ourselves and genuine in our actions, words and behaviours


We believe empathy is one of the most important human qualities in life


Always do what is right

Our trademark and values underpin everything we do and align with our purpose.


Building High Performance Teams

Building an elite high-performance team requires continuous effort and commitment. Leadership and culture set such teams apart. Leaders drive culture, creating an environment for success. Our program offers an effective framework for building such teams.

Leadership Development Program

This leadership program focuses on developing essential skills for effective leadership. It aims to identify, cultivate, and nurture leadership potential. Participants gain tools to transform culture, influence others, handle conflict, set standards, and inspire change.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching elevates your leadership skills for success. We tailor a development plan, address blind spots, and hold you accountable to goals. With over 35 years in elite professional sports, Gavin brings knowledge, energy, and passion to enhance your leadership capabilities. His measured and pragmatic style starts with self-leadership, aiming to transcend your potential.

Leadership Workshops

Our dynamic leadership workshops take a TeamFirst approach and are designed to help participants learn new skills and discover more about the building blocks of leadership.

School Leadership Programs

This program addresses a gap in leadership education for young adults, focusing on their impressionable adolescent years and providing support for those in leadership roles (such as school captains) and those who may not have had the opportunity, aiming to enhance their confidence, decision-making, interpersonal and communication skills.